Walk from La Canada del Real Tesoro (Estacion de Cortes) to Estacion de Jimera de Libar

The walk starts either at the railway station or Hotel El Gecko at La Canada del Real Tesoro. Follow the road towards Salitre/Gaucin walking past the Parra bar, a last chance for a coffee or something stronger, and after crossing the bridge over the Guadiaro river, the road starts to gently climb uphill.

After five minutes you will see a large rock in the left side with a yellow and a white stripe painted on it. Shortly after this there is an unmade track on the left which you take. It passes some fincas and gradually ascends giving views over the village of Estacion and up towards Cortes de la Frontera. After approx fifteen minutes you will come to a Y junction where you must take the left fork.

The track descends and you will see a another track to the right and then an official sign for Jimera and Cortes. Keep straight on following the path. You will climb and then the road starts curving to the left and you start dropping down until you reach a red gatehouse with many security cameras. Follow the track and then walk under the bridge going crossing the river (dry or wet). There is a dirt road on the right which you follow and then is straight for quite a while as it heads towards Jimera.

Eventually the road arrives at a river crossing but don’t cross unless you want to go back to Estacion de Cortes. Cross the railway at KM 104.8 and you are now on a road between the railway and a fenced field.

After approx 20 minutes of walking on the farm road you reach a fence followed by two streams which may be dry or wet depending on the weather. Be careful as the path from here was marked coming from the other direction, so all the markings are facing the other way. You must look back to see them. There are marks are on trees, rocks and fences. Between the last two railway crossings are twenty or so such marks.

After the streams, you walk through small woods which have oak and cork trees and through small pastures.

When you reach a six-foot high tree stump take note that it is marked on the other side. From here on keep walking at the same level and same distance from the railway.

The track will bring you to a level crossing and then from here it is dirt track past an old mill and natural swimming pool then on past some walnut trees to Estacion de Jimera de Libar and some refreshments at Bar Allioli or Quercus restaurant.

Train times

Trains to Cortes from Jimera: 10.32 / 17.19 / 20.05

Trains to Jimera from Cortes: 8.14 / 13.28 / 16.54

Check train times at the railway station or online at www.renfe.es