Long lunch at Estacion San Pablo de Buceite

A long lunch at a railway station restaurant with trains passing by every hour or so may not be at the top of most people’s list. However this restaurant is different and a long lunch here is a joy.


Quite how different may be seen by how the owner reckons that, if you are on the train, you can ask the conductor to stop at the normally not-stopping station, and once you finish lunch you can signal the returning train to stop and pick you up!


The hours of the restaurant are posted at the doorway, but can change.

opening hours

The train times are posted on the outside terrace of the restaurant but no instructions of how actually to hail the train to pick you up!


The outside terrace is the old platform and is covered for shade and the odd splash of rain. A shaded lawn garden surrounds the restaurant, with cats and birds vying for crumbs.

platform restaurant outside

As the long lunch takes its course the odd train will pass by, from the new local bullet nosed ones to the long distance Talgo’s on their way to Madrid. Adding to the ‘sleepy station being passed by’ feel to the place.

san pablo train

The food is excellent and presented on the plate in a very attractive way. All courses have wide choices and are changed often. The service is good and not rushed.
A favourite place of ours to eat, not least for its quirkiness as an old railway station, complete with a station masters uniform and hat on the wall.

The link to their website is at: http://laestacion.sanpablodebuceite.com

liqueur cappuccino

dessert osborne bullstation cat