Genalguacil sculptures

Genalguacil is one of the small white villages (pueblos blancos) in Andalucia, Spain. Every two years it holds an art event called “Encuentros de Arte“. Artists from around the world create, and leave their artworks to the town.

There is an art gallery displaying various artworks, and many sculptures scattered around the village.

Sculptures near to the entrance to Genalguacil.

The main square.

A mural located just off the main square.

The Church of San Pedro de Verona

Trompe l’oeil mural on the main square.

Spot the sculpture…

A close-up of the impaled ball.

Flores. These are real, not sculptures.

It looks well fed. Paella maybe.

Dumpster diving.

Siesta perro

Perro bonito.

Sculpture overlooking the Genal valley with Africa in the distance.

Who neeeds social media.

A home for mice.


Simulacra, simulacrum.

Very contented.

Sleepy cat sculpture.

Real cat sculpture.

Pink Panther sculpture. This seemed new to me.

Sculpture near the escuela.

Found this sculpture down a side turning. Looked like ceramic tiles to me.


Even the local fountain includes sculptures.