Pet costume competition

molly in flamenco

Flamenco Molly
The Romeria at Salitre took place over the weekend of 29/31 May. On Saturday we took our dogs along for the afternoon and enjoyed a picnic with our friends.

This year the organisers decided to have a different competition. A few people entered their pets and as you can see from the photos, it was not just for dogs!

We dressed Molly as a flamenco dancer. Her patience knew no bounds, she didn’t mind a bit. The judging took place late in the afternoon but it only took moments to get our dogs ready.

molly and friends

A few friends
Molly with her friends, Henry & Friday.

Henry, a Golden Retriever in the foreground, was dressed as a boy scout. He is a five month old puppy and just loves romping around and playing with Molly

Friday, in front of Henry, was dressed for school.

Ducks as Fred Astair Ginger Rogers

Ducks having a run around
The competition was open to all types of pets – dogs, ducks and goats were entered.

The ducks won the competition entered as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers!

They had great fun when they were let loose amongst the children at the Romeria.

Molly in her basket

Time for a rest
After all that excitement, Molly just loves her basket.

She is such a happy dog and loves greeting everyone with her tail wagging and rolling over to have her tummy tickled.