Checking the Grapes

Tempranillo grapes
Tempranillo grapes

We have been checking the tempranillo grapes closely this last week of August as they are looking ripe and ready and measuring the  sugar levels of the grapes using a Refractometer.

Squeezing juice onto Refractometer
Using Refractometer to measure Brix level

It has been a hot and dry summer so the vines are looking dry with many dead leaves.

We cut a lot of bunches off a month ago as the plants seemed to be struggling with an overburden of grapes.

The grapes we left have flourished as the plants were able to direct more energy to fewer bunches.

We also irrigated a bit more to avoid the dehydration of the grapes which had been occurring.

The lower vineyard showed an average of 19 Brix and the upper vineyard was higher at 21 Brix.

How high is the average Brix?

These readings indicated, along with tasting the grapes and looking at the pips to see how brown they were, that we should harvest this week.

A good count showed there to be 1854 bunches of grapes with maybe an average weight of  a third of a kilo so maybe 600 kilos in total which could give 600 bottles.


We have set the date for our harvest or vendimia for the 4th September on the full moon, as the water table will be high and enable the grapes to be harvested with good moisture content.


We have asked friends to help and will be starting at 6am with a crew of 20
and aim to finish in 3 hours to avoid the heat of the sun.

With 3 cutters and 3 carriers, 6 de-stemmers, 4 crushers and provisioners we should get the job done and have time for a harvest breakfast to celebrate with Cava and orange juice, BBQ’d bacon & sausages, and fresh tomato & garlic tostades!