A walk into La Garganta Verde, Parque de la Sierra de Grazalema.

One of the most stunning walks you can do in the Parque de la Sierra de Grazalema is the Garganta Verde (Green throat), a deep canyon near the town of Zahara de la Sierra.

You will need to get a free permit from the tourist centre in the town of el Bosque, either by visiting the tourist centre (you will have to practice your spanish) near the bullring in el Bosque, or applying via email, or telephone. If you visit the centre you can buy a small map of the walk (80cents). Its better to get the permit a few days before your walk, as it can get busy. The walk is closed from June 1st until October 15th due to the risk of fire.

The start of the walk.

A short path on the left goes to a Mirador. The main path to the canyon goes to the right.

The main path continues going slightly up.

The descent begins…

As you go further, the path becomes steeper…

The path finally reaches the bottom of the canyon through some trees.

The canyon is many ‘stories’ high.


The nesting vultures will circle overhead throughout your walk.