A circular walk to the Torre del Paso and the Casa de Piedra

A circular walk to the Torre del Paso and the Casa de Piedra via Cañada del real Tesoro (Estacion de la Frontera) and Cortes de la Frontera.

We start at Finca del Rio, and walk down the track and under the bridge towards the right, and into Estacion de la Frontera.


Taking a left into the center of Estacion de la Frontera we continue passed the church on our right, and down towards the river Guadiaro on our left.

When we come to the bridge on our left, take the track (vía) up towards the railway line to the right.

Cross the railway tracks.


Take the path passed some farm houses on you’re right. Go through the gate which is held together with lots of Spanish string (es muy fuerte!). Remember to tie up the gate afterwards. Then follow the track upwards.



The path narrows as you climb through undergrowth, until you come to this tree.


Follow the path up near the fenceline.


Walk up the track towards the Torre del Paso. As you climb up, the path will widen to the left, then right until you come to a gate. Go through the gate remembering to fasten it behind you.




The Torre del Paso.


You can climb into the Torre. But be careful, the stones at the bottom can move a little.


The view northwards of the Guadiaro Valley from the Torre del Paso .


From the Torre find the wide Cañada (with small walls either side), and walk up towards the farmhouse on the road to Cortes de la Frontera.


The Cañada gives way to a farm track.


An old Cortijo to the right of the track.


The track will take you up towards a goat farm on the road to Cortes De La Frontera (A-373).


Along the road there are far reaching views towards Gaucin, and a Mirador to enjoy the views of the cork forests.


Walk down the road towards Cortes de la Frontera, and take the path on the right, near the bend in the road and telegraph pole.

A view from the path to Cortes de la Frontera.


Make your way down the sendero, you will cross a small river then walk up to Cortes along a track passed houses until you reach the edge of town. You can then either follow the Carre. de Circunvalacion, or take the shorter route along the Calle Toledillo, Calle Botica and the Calle la Mar, to finally arrive at the car repair shop. Here the path takes you down past a construction site on your right until you come to the road (A-373). Then cross and take the narrow path over a small bridge and down towards Cañada del real Tesoro, and the Casa de Piedra.

The old path down towards Cañada del real Tesoro / Estacion de la Frontera and the Casa de Piedra.


You can climb over the fence for a closer look at the Casa de Piedra.


Inside the Casa de Piedra.


A view of the Torre del Paso from inside the Casa de Piedra.


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